The Hellé Nice Project


The Hellé Nice Foundation

 Hellé Nice Project

The Hellé Nice Foundation is funding the creation and placement of a bronze plaque marking the grave of Hellé Nice, French auto racing legend and pioneer of women making a career in professional motorsports. She ran over 100 races, set a female speed record in 1929, and set closed course endurance records that still stand. In 1930, she made an unprecedented 18-event tour of American race tracks. Piloting primarily cars from Bugatti and Alfa, Hellé Nice brought excitement and celebrity to women's participation in motorsports, increasing crowds wherever she raced. Hellé Nice died in 1984, largely forgotten and buried in the family crypt in Ste-Mesme, France, with no marking to indicate her final resting place.

In the Fall of 2010, the Foundation plans to organize a car rally to Ste-Mesme, where Hellé Nice is interred, to conduct a commemoration service and place the marker. Date and time to be announced. All classic and vintage car enthusiasts and their vehicles are invited to pay long overdue respect to this female driver so important to the history of motorsports.Any individual or group donating $500.00 USD or more to the project will have a nameplate commemorating your generous gift permanently attached to the back of the bronze plaque.